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In order to build a world class sales team that achieves tremendous success while learning and improving from every customer interaction, a well-choreographed effort from sales, marketing, product, executives, and customers is required.

99.9% of sales executives don’t live in this sales utopia. They spend their time constantly evaluating the accuracy of sales forecasts and pipelines, training new sales people to say and do the right things, or collaborating with marketing to deliver the best content to engage customers. This process can be a never ending rollercoaster.

If you ever leave a sales meeting thinking, “There has to be a better way,” then it’s time to see if Arizay can help.



Ramp Up New Sales Reps Faster

Wouldn’t it be great if your new sales reps said the right things, asked the right questions, and delivered the right value proposition to every customer? Arizay helps you onboard rapidly by giving new sales team members the content, tools, and prioritization they need immediately. This means they can close more deals faster.

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Opportunity & Lead Scoring

Every day at companies around the world, sales reps are making decisions about where to focus their time and energy. This prioritization is based on deal size, sales quota, or reminders from sales management. This forecasting, constant re-prioritization, and potential questioning from senior management is not the most efficient way.

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Sales Forecasting Omnipotence

Do you currently worry about the accuracy of your pipeline and sales forecast each month? Do you wonder who is padding the numbers? Are you unsure about what deals are going to close or if those deals are going to close below the forecasted amount?

Welcome to Arizay!  Also known to many as the end of forecasting excel hell.

Arizay analyzes every sales interaction, past and current. This provides you with the most accurate forecast and pipeline possible.

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Intelligent Lead Assignment

Are you still using the old fashioned lead assignment rules like regional assignment, queue systems or first-come first-serve? Imagine being able to seamlessly take advantage of all the knowledge you have gathered from every historical transaction. Think how much easier it would be to match each unique prospect to the best sales person. Arizay enables you to use existing lead assignment rules and queues, but then adds additional intelligence to help you maximize close rates and increase revenue.

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Become The Ultimate Customer Company

Being the ultimate customer company means knowing, in real time, what your customers place the most value on and then delivering on those exact needs. It also means learning from those prospects that don’t become your customers so that you can adapt and evolve your product, marketing, and sales process to better meet future prospects needs. Arizay allows you to bring tremendous value to every interaction. This will solidify your position as a true partner and not just another commodity.

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